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Cadet Milestone Exams Now Online

Posted on March 7, 2016 at 12:00 AM by Joanna Lee

The National Cadet Team is delighted to announce that the Wright Brothers, Mitchell, and Earhart milestone exams are now available online. As of today cadets may now take these exams online with the supervision of a testing officer. 

Cadets have been able to take their leadership and aerospace achievement tests online since 2010, but the milestone award exams have remained paper-based. Cadet online achievement tests are open-book affairs, taken at home on the cadets’ own time, but milestones are timed, comprehensive, closed-book exams. A new process has been designed to allow cadets to take the exams online while maintaining the integrity of the process. The new online milestones are designed to be administered at the unit, during a meeting, and overseen by a testing officer. The exam cannot be opened without a testing officer entering their CAPID and eServices password as a security measure. They remain timed, closed-book exams.

Exams available:

  • Wright Brothers
  • Mitchell Leadership
  • Mitchell Aerospace (2nd Edition)
  • Mitchell Aerospace (3rd Edition)
  • Earhart Leadership
  • Earhart Aerospace (2nd Edition)
  • Earhart Aerospace (3rd Edition)

Any testing officer, primary or assistant, may proctor an online milestone test.  A Testing Officers's Guide to Online Milestones is attached with a detailed walkthrough tutorial.

There is no plan to phase out the paper versions of these exams. Paper tests must remain an option for units without computers and/or internet access. Paper tests are also important to have as they are far more easily adapted for cadets with special educational needs.

Questions?  We welcome your feedback.  Thank you for supporting the cadets.



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