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Curry Voucher Expiration Waivers

Posted on February 10, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Joanna Lee


The Curry Blues Voucher program has been in place for just shy of two years.  Since the implementation, cadets order their blues uniforms from Vanguard and receive them within days, versus the weeks and months it might take under the previous program. When the first vouchers were issued cadets were given a very generous 90 days to order their uniforms before the voucher expired.  After a year, that was shortened to 45 days as members grew more familiar with the program and learned to better monitor voucher usage.  Even so, cadets occasionally did not order their uniforms within the 45 day window.  NHQ granted many waivers at the request of squadron commanders to reissue these vouchers.  Unfortunately, moving forward, we cannot issue new vouchers to replace expired ones.

We want to serve as many cadets as possible through the Curry Blues Voucher, but doing that requires us to enforce a firm, but reasonable, expiration date. Were vouchers never to expire, we’d tie-up money indefinitely, thereby reducing funds available for cadet flying, textbooks, and activities. We have a responsibility to stretch our limited dollars as best as we can.

Please know that we announce news of the expiration date in several ways. The 45-day limit is mentioned in the initial Curry Blues Voucher sent to the cadet’s and parent’s email addresses. We send a reminder 10 days prior to the expiration date and copy the unit commander. Further, local leaders have access to voucher reports in eServices, and we explain the program rules on the New Cadet Help webpage. 



Suggested Best Practices:

Partnering with Parents
1.  When a new cadet joins CAP, encourage the cadet and the parents to register their email address with CAP. If CAP knows the parent's email address, the voucher will be sent there in addition to the cadet's personal address. Registering multiple email addresses can be done easily if the cadet joins via the online cadet membership application process. Alternatively, if joining via the hard copy CAPF 15, space is available to list the cadet and parent emails.
1.  When promoting a cadet to C/Amn (upon completing the Curry Achievement), mention to the cadet and his or her parent(s) to watch their email for a Curry Blues Voucher from Check spam folders, too.
A report is available in eServices to help you manage the program.  
eServices > Cadet Promotions > Reports > Curry Blues Voucher Report
1.  Assign the task of monitoring Curry Blues Vouchers to a staff member   (ie: Supply Officer, Personnel Officer, DCC)
2.  Get into the habit of running the report on a certain week of the month, preferably one when cadets are wearing the "blues" uniform.
3.  Download the report. Look at each individual named on the report. Does he or she have a full blues uniform? If not, ask if the cadet needs help using the Curry Blues Voucher.
4.  Vouchers expire after 45-days, so pay special attention to cadets who earned the Curry about 1-month ago so that their voucher doesn't expire before they can use it.
Thank you for your understanding.
Civil Air Patrol
National Cadet Team

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