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Summer 2017 CEAP Update

Posted on May 17, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Joanna Lee

Cadet Encampment Assistance Program applications opened 1 March for the spring/summer encampment season.  Over 1,200 cadets have been processed for the assistance so far.  But please be aware that as of today CEAP funds are fully allocated. Cadets who have not yet been processed for assistance are being informed that they are currently on the waitlist for funding. Understand that this does not mean that no more cadets will be processed.  Cadets will continue to be approved off of the waitlist as cadets on the list decline assistance and money is recovered from partially redeemed uniform vouchers, etc…  However, there won’t be any more large batches of cadets processed at once. 

In the time it’s been open 1282 cadets have been processed for assistance.  As of this time last year only 724 cadets had been processed and 322 by this time in Summer 15.  This is great news in that it’s clear that awareness of this program has spread widely.  In previous years we were able to assist all first-time encampment attendees, as well as a limited number of cadets returning as advanced students and cadre.  This year, it looks highly unlikely that we’ll be able to assist all first-timers, much less returning cadets.

This is still great news for the 1200+ cadets headed to encampment with tuition assistance, but not necessarily for the hundreds of cadets left in the queue.  We’re asking wing & region cadet programs people to assist in the following ways: 

  • Help cadets and parents understand the funding situation and manage expectations.  Cadets attending encampment for the first time have the highest priority level and are at the top of the list for funding.  There are no guarantees but we’ll try to ensure assistance for as many of these cadets as possible.  For cadets returning to encampment as cadre or advanced students tuition assistance is unlikely to come through this fiscal year.
  • Please look at your budgets and see if you’re able to provide supplemental scholarships for deserving cadets on the waitlist.  Special attention should be paid to cadet cadre as they are very unlikely to receive assistance this year.

Thank you for supporting the cadets!  Questions?

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