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Welcome New National Cadet Team Member

Posted on 09/20/2018 at 03:35 PM by Margarita Mesones

Hi, I am Margarita Mesones-Mori, aka “Margarita Mesones,” the new Cadet Aviation Career Activities Manager with the Cadet Programs team here at National Headquarters.  Coming to work at NHQ on Maxwell AFB feels like coming home. I've spent time here for Cadet Officer School, National Cadet Competition, and National Staff College over the past 12 years.  I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have lived in Miami, Florida for over 30 years with a short stint in San Antonio, Texas.  I am married to another longtime CAP volunteer who started as a cadet, served in the Army as a helicopter pilot, and is still an active CAP senior member.

When I first joined CAP, I never imagined the breadth of experiences and opportunities I would have in being everything from a Squadron Commander to a Wing & Region Director of Cadet Programs, and, most recently as the NCSA Assistant Coordinator.  I’ve participated in all three mission areas.  In addition to Cadet Programs, I have experience in Professional Development, Aerospace Education, and Operations as a MSA, Scanner, and Observer.  Having had the benefit of working with so many of you, as a fellow volunteer over the last 20 years, I feel very privileged to join the NHQ team and enter this new exciting chapter with Civil Air Patrol.  I can hardly wait to hear your ideas and feedback as we develop this new program!

I am sure you will continue to serve CAP in your new position as well as you have in your prior positions. CAP made a truly amazing decision bringing you on the team. I wish you well and my sincerest congratulations to you, NHQ and all CAP members.
Robin Sheaks | 09/20/2018 at 07:14 PM
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