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Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide

Posted on October 30, 2018 at 10:47 AM by Curt LaFond


We’ve updated the O-Flight pamphlet, now to be known as CAPP 60-40, Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide. It supersedes CAPP 52-7 and is effective immediately. It’s business as usual for O-flight pilots; the basic program remains as is, but we’ve made some refinements, including:

  • The powered and glider syllabi content remains unchanged.
  • The most significant addition is a syllabus for lighter-than-air flights, for those locations fortunate enough to have access to balloons.
  • A bit more specificity has been added to the program's learning objectives. In particular, some attitude items (affective objectives) are now included.
  • The section suggesting a division of labor among the key players -- the wing commander, the wing o-flight coordinator, squadron commanders, and squadron staff -- has been expanded. One reason for this is that CAPR 60-1,, requires wings to "push" sorties to the squadrons and develop a written plan annually for serving all squadrons in the wing. That requirement did not exist when the previous edition of CAPP 52-7 was published.
  • A cadet-passenger briefing is now included, using the FAA's "S.A.F.E.T.Y." mnemonic.
  • Includes a brief discussion on context or how o-flights "fit" into cadet life and the AE program as a whole.
  • Also includes a reference to the new "Cadet Flight Plan for Aviation Careers" poster, which takes that discussion a step further.
  • We've formatted the document in the expectation that many pilots will view it on a tablets or smart phone, versus a paper-based kneeboard.
  • Adds a reference to an online parents' FAQ.
  • A handful of other minor edits and enhancements were also made.

Special thanks to the people who provided feedback on the drafts that had been posted to the Cadet Proving Grounds.

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