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Big Enhancements Added to Cadet Program

Posted on October 26, 2021 at 4:14 PM by Curt LaFond


Wow, there’s a lot of exciting developments in Cadet Programs! Here’s a rundown of some new resources that launched today (26 October).


Curriculum Enhancements

Cadet Interactive.  We’ve placed the leadership and aerospace curriculum online as interactive modules for Achievements 1 through 11. Effective today, cadets can use Cadet Interactive to meet promotion requirements (a new alternative to the multiple-choice tests). To learn more, see the Cadet Interactive homepage for a walk-through video and to view the modules.

Honor Credit. Who are the high achievers? Cadets earn Honor Credit if they complete Cadet Interactive and the “old” multiple-choice tests for a given achievement. Honor Credit is recognized with a silver star on the respective achievement ribbon. For more info, see the Stripes to Diamonds pages and CAPR 60-1, Pro tip for senior staff: monitor Honor Credit eligibility via a new report in the Cadet Promotions Application > Data Entry/Accomplishments screen.

Aerospace Dimensions 7: Cyber Security. The latest addition to the aerospace textbook series is available now. Most cadets will learn via the Cadet Interactive module, but the “pre-print” edition is available in PDF. The PDF includes a good mix of fun, hands-on activities squadrons can do with minimal supplies.

Achievement Tests. Looking for the achievement tests so you can earn Honor Credit? They’ve moved. See eServices > Learning Management > Axis > Honor Credit tab.

Cadet Promotions Application. The Cadet Promotions Application in eServices looks different and offers new features and reports.


Regulations & Related Tools

We’ve updated two cadet regulations, a COVID waiver affecting cadets, and published a new regulation to help grow the Cadets at School program. 

            CAPR 60-1. Cadet Program Management.

            CAPR 60-2. Cadet Protection Program.

            CAPR 60-3. Cadets at School Program.

            COVID Cadet Regulatory Waiver. We updated the waiver letter that gives units and individuals relief from certain cadet rules.


Regulatory Top 12 

Here are your top twelve items in the updated 60-series cadet regulations.

1.  Cadet Interactive & Cadet Honor Credit.  Summarized above. For regulatory rules, see CAPR 60-1, 5.4.

2.  Academic Requirement Banking.  To help busy cadets, we relaxed the “test banking” rule. Cadets can now complete tests or Cadet Interactive modules for their next achievement and the one after that. See CAPR 60-1,

3.  Cadet Welcome Course. Survey data showed that too few cadets knew about basic info newcomers need to succeed in CAP. The Cadet Welcome Course, now a part of Achievement 1, will help. See CAPR 60-1, and/or view the content via Cadet Interactive.

4.  Achievement 8 Aerospace Requirement. See CAPR 60-1, Cadets are now required to fulfill an aerospace task during Achievement 8. See CAPR 60-1, 5.3.2.

5.  Milestone Exams. The subject matter for milestone award exams is tightened to eliminate redundancies. See CAPR 60-1, Table 5.1.

6.  Spaatz Request Form. Ready to go for Spaatz? Use the new CAPF 60-87 to streamline your application process. See CAPR 60-1, 5.8.2 and/or CAPF 60-87.

7.  Personal Cadet Tracker. Want to plot a path to Spaatz? Use the new CAPVA 60-101 Personal Cadet Tracker. Hard copies are provided via the New Cadet Kit and Cadet Officers’ Kit (textbook shipment to cadet’s home).

8.  Cadet Super Chart. Need to visually see what’s changed with cadet promotion requirements? Download the CAPVA 60-100 Cadet Super Chart. A poster-size hard copy is being mailed to all squadrons.

9.  Uniforms at Achievement 1. If necessary due to finances or supplies, cadets may complete Achievement 1 without a uniform. Wear of the uniform is now required within 60 days of completing Achievement 1. Also, we introduce a new paradigm for uniforms during cadet onboarding. See CAPR 60-1, 3.1.6.

10.  Progressive Discipline. Guidance on how we implement progressive disciplinary action changes slightly, with new requirements to inform parents for any significant interventions. See CAPR 60-1, 3.5 and our new Progressive Discipline homepage.

11.  High Adventure Activities & Challenge Activities. Cadets want and need to get their hands dirty and push themselves beyond their normal comfort zone through adventure-based learning. New procedures and resources are available to help. See CAPR 60-2, 2.7.

12.  School Squadrons. To help the Cadets at School program grow, we have reduced the SUI / compliance program burden and standardized the MOU between the school or district and CAP. See CAPR 60-3. 



New Cadet Guide. To help new cadets get off to a great start, we've updated the New Cadet Guide to reflect the changes above and to give a special shout-out to cool opportunities like CEAP and Cadet Wings. 

CP Officer Handbook. All of the above impacts senior member training, so we've updated the CP Officer Handbook & Specialty Track Guide accordingly. 

Fall Mailing to Squadrons.  Watch your squadron mailbox this fall for hard copies of newly revised resources including the Cyber Security module, New Cadet Guide, Personal Cadet Tracker, Cadet Super Chart, and more.

Cadet Wings. An important reminder about the greatest addition to cadet life since the invention of the orientation flight:  Cadet Wings, a scholarship program funded by the US Air Force and the James C. Ray Foundation, provides flight training leading to a Private Pilot’s license. Applications are being accepted now. To help spread the word, we’ve sent all cadets a postcard via US Mail. Adults willing to help us champion the opportunity, please see our Ray Navigator page.

Cadet News & Innovations.  Was the information above news to you? Then you’ve been missing out. To stay up to speed on cadet announcements, please visit the Cadet Blog, read the Props email newsletter, and check out resources from National Conference including the Cadet News & Innovations newsletter. We’re doing our best to announce major enhancements well in advance.


Databases are being updated today (26 October) so apologies if you experience any interruptions.

Comments? Problems? Please sound off below or to Thank you for supporting the cadets!



With the eServices changes, we now have an extra item that wasn't there previously. Other items we can take direct from CAPR 60-1 5.2.3, but how are we to mark "Leadership Expectations" as completed? The only real reference to it is in regard to CAPVA 60-100 and states that by approving the promotion, the commander is attesting to the given leadership expectations. What then are the completion requirements of this extra checkbox?
Chris Metzger | 11/15/21 at 7:29 PM
Big fan of the changes made to testing. Well, most of the changes. But where did the tracking report go? That made reviewing all of my cadets easier. The only report I can draw now is not user friendly. OR am I looking in the wrong area?
Dan Kirby | 11/4/21 at 8:44 PM
Aerospace Module 3 has a bug in it. One of the questions on the quiz does not have the right answer. (The one about the atmosphere's layers) To be honest, this new testing is way too easy...
Isaac | 10/27/21 at 10:28 PM
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