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Overnight Cadet Activities - Info for Families

Posted on April 18, 2022 at 7:41 AM by Curt LaFond


A new Overnight Cadet Lodging webpage is now available. This resource is part show-and-tell, part FAQ about cadet lodging situations. The goal is to help families acquire a sense of the lodging and daily living arrangements at cadet activities so that they can prepare accordingly and make informed decisions about their cadet’s participation.

The webpage is families’ single source for information on CAP-wide policy. Still, lodging situations vary greatly depending on the location, so the webpage generalizes about types of lodging (barracks, dorms, tents, etc.) and steers families to local leaders for more specifics. We encourage activities to develop a similar page containing specifics about lodging and daily life at their activity’s host facility.

Two special audiences receive extra attention. The webpage includes information on lodging for LGBT cadets and disabled cadets.

Within CAP website navigation, the webpage is accessible via the Parents section. We hope this resource not only helps families but becomes a useful tool for DCPs and activity staff.


And still to come . . . revised permission slips

In September 2022, we will revise the CAPF 60-80 and 60-81 permission slips so that they include a section pointing families to the lodging website, should they want lodging information. We also will add a section asking families to describe any special lodging or dietary requests. We’re holding off on these changes for now so as not to confuse anyone during the encampment registration processes currently underway.




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