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Cadet Wings Graduate Shares Story of Perseverance

Posted on July 10, 2023 at 2:03 PM by Kathrine Schmidt

Cadet Wings Graduate Shares Story of Perseverance
Written by: Keoni Ramiro, Cadet Wings Graduate #254 


Moving from Guam to Florida is a jarring and expensive experience, especially if you’ve been an island kid your whole life. Back in Guam, I received training to be checkride ready, but the DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner) never came. I even delayed my move for a month. When time ran out, and I finally moved, I thought that I would never pick up aviation again. Luckily, my Mom knew of a program available to cadets on the mainland, Cadet Wings. I applied and with Cadet Wings and I resumed my training, an opportunity that I thought I would not have.

Cadet Wings and the U.S. Air Force was able to provide much needed funding for my training. Also, they encouraged me all along the way. Not only did they provide the funding, but they also helped me when I had trouble with prospective flight schools. Remember, I was new to the mainland and didn’t know a lot about what was available. Cadet Wings worked hard to get me into the air, relatively worry-free. Cadet Wings was able to work out any kinks or bumps that would come up, those that I probably could not have solved on my own. Thanks to the team, I was able to focus on training to a level of proficiency that allowed me to pass my long awaited checkride with flying colors. It was a good day.

When I was enrolled in Cadet Wings, I only had one goal, to become a pilot. Now that I have achieved that goal, it has inspired me to continue to fly with CAP and work toward my form 5 and pursue a career with the commercial airlines. There was a time that I thought aviation was over for me but, Cadet Wings helped me believe that this was just beginning. I have a bright future ahead.

I would recommend Cadet Wings to any cadet interested in flying. They’re an excellent group of people who have your best interest in mind. If enrolled, the program will provide funding for your training and help keep you on course with monthly meetings led by the Youth Aviation Initiative Panel. My mentor was Lt Col Al Van Lengen. They essentially pave the road before you and all they ask of you is your best. If you even have the slightest interest in aviation, just apply! This opportunity is staring you in the face and to borrow a saying from my dad “If it was a snake, it would’ve bit ya!” Take advantage of all CAP has to offer!

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