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Lesson: End Effector (Middle/High School)

Posted on April 21, 2020 at 2:30 PM by Virginia Smith

This lesson is the latest in a new AE team-produced video series of Civil Air Patrol lessons called Aerospace at Your Pace. "End Effector" is Lesson 10 in CAP's Introduction to Robotics book. In this lesson, cadets and students learn about the end effector of the International Space Station or Space Shuttle's robotic arms. They get the chance to make their own end effector and use it to pick up an object as well. Find the lesson HERE.

Additional Lesson Resources:

Robot Hand (End Effector) (Robotics book, Lesson 4)

Let's Talk About End Effectors by The National Consortium for Mission Critical Operations

An Introduction to Robotics -- End Effector (AEX I, Volume II, Activity Ten)

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