COVID-19 Information


This page is provided for your convenience as a centralized location of essential information about COVID-19 related issues specific to Civil Air Patrol.

Aerospace Education         UPDATED 4/27/2020

2020 National AEO School has been canceled. A virtual school will be offered later this summer. 

Virtual learning links for AE/STEM lesson and activity resources

Cadet Programs                  UPDATED 4/1/2020

Main:   Cadet Coronavirus Resource Homepage

Activities.  Unit exemption from cadet activity standards (ICL CAPR 60-1)

Activities.  Suggestions for virtualizing the cadet squadron

Activities.  Summer activity cancellations, postponements, latest info  (bottom of linked page)

Activities. Risk Management for Multi-day Training 

Adults.  Training Leaders of Cadets - available via distance learning

Crosstalk.  Cadet Blog forum for crowdsourcing ideas on virtual squadrons

Flying. Activities. Cadet training and orientation flights cessation letter

Promotions.  Waiver letter for cadet promotions 

Testing.  Cadet Milestone Award Exam instructions for proctors

Chaplain Corps                   UPDATED 4/2/2020 

Prayer Support for Your Life

Talk to a Chaplain

History                      UPDATED 4/21/2020

Saving Our Story - 21 April 2020


Information Technology                      UPDATED 4/2/2020

CAPipedia's purpose is to benefit members by acting as an encyclopedia and index to eServices, WMIRS and everything CAP. It is a work in progress.



Membership                         UPDATED 4/7/2020

Fingerprint Cards and Background Checks

CAPR 39-1 Grooming Waiver Updated

National Commander's Letters           UPDATED 5/7/20

May 7

April 30

April 23

April 16

April 9

April 2

March 26

March 20


Operations, Emergency Services and Health Services     UPDATED 5/13/2020

AFNORTH Command Surgeon Guidance for Families Living with those at High Risk for COVID-19 - 30 March 2020 (updated 20 April 2020)

CAP/CC Memo: Aircraft Engine Preservation Flights - 21 April 2020

CAP/CC Memo: Cease Cadet Orientation and Training Flights - 4 April 2020

CAP/CC Memo: Mission Essential Operations Only - 7 April 2020

CAP/CC Memo: Multi-day Training Activities & Follow-Up Planning - 17 April 2020

CAP/CC Memo: Operations Qualifications Extensions - 26 March 2020

CAP/CC Memo: Remobilization of the Membership - 12 May 2020

CAP/CC Memo: Travel and Meeting Guidance - 14 March 2020

CAP/CC Memo: Updated Travel, Meeting and Mission Guidance - 7 May 2020

CDC Coronaviruses: Prevention and Treatment Handout - 27 January 2020 

Checklist for Packaging and Shipping Diagnostic Specimens - 19 March 2020

Cleaning and Disinfecting Aircraft and Vehicles - 20 March 2020

Cleaning and Disinfecting Garmin Aviation Products - 23 March 2020

Commanders and Staff Briefing Handout - 5 March 2020

FEMA Exercise Starter Kit

FEMA Planning Considerations for Organizations Reconstituting Operations During COVID-19

Guideline for Gatherings - Coronavirus Risk Assessment - v1.1 - 27 March 2020

Health Protection Guidance - 5 April 2020

Ops Plan including Amendment One and Two - 7 May 2020

Remobilization of the Membership Tools - 13 May 2020

Temperature Screening Guidelines - 30 April 2020

Unit Status Reporting

White House Guidelines for Opening Up America Again

Safety                        Updated 4/9/2020

Risk Management and COVID-19 Webpage

April Safety Beacon Newsletter - The COVID-19 Edition


SPECIAL BULLETIN Archive           UPDATED 5/21/20

May 21

May 14

April 9

April 2

March 26

March 19

March 15

March 12

March 5

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